Ned Breslin spent decades leading at Water for People, but his passion for helping people on the margins and a personal connection to the child welfare system brought him back to Denver and the Tennyson Center for Children. This week, Joe and Brian talk to Ned and learn how a child’s life can change when they are seen, heard, and valued. Ned is living proof of his belief that true change and transformation are possible.


This week we talked about:

The Tennyson Center for Children:

Water for People, Everyone Forever:

Ned’s story of overcoming abuse:

Watch Ned speak about his story at TEDxBoulder:

Moving to End Sexual Assault:


This week’s takeaway: What can we do in the midst of an overwhelming pandemic? Look out for one another. Find someone in your life that you can support (neighbors, family members, friends, essential workers,etc.), whether it’s in person or from a distance.


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