Become a Community UpLifter!

Community UpLifters take an active interest in the lives of Denver’s Urban Youth. Through our efforts, we support Colorado UpLift students and impact the community.

You will be the first to receive volunteer engagement opportunites and become a part of a movement that is doing good in our communities in need.

If you love our city and have been lookng for a way to get involved- join the movement today!


What is an UpLifter?


UpLifters are committed to living out the kind of character and values Colorado UpLift works to instill in our students. They believe strong character qualities and solid values such as responsibility, integrity, respect, and caring are the foundation of great leadership.


UpLifters are connected to Colorado UpLift and inspired by our mission of transforming lives and communities through long-term, life-changing relationships. They believe the youth we serve are key to a positive and transformed future.


UpLifters are community-minded. They have a vision for their life that reaches beyond themselves, into spheres of influence such as their school, neighborhood, church, workplace, and family. They believe they have the power to influence communities in and around their city for the better.

Are you UpLifter Material?


Are you interested and willing to volunteer 2x a year?

Do you want to engage with like-minded members of your community?

Are you interested in fundraising for a worthy cause?

If you answered YES to any of these, sign up today and get involved!

A monthly gift is a simple, sustainable way to support Denver’s underserved youth and communities. Learn more about the impact your monthly gift could have by clicking below.


When I become an UpLifter, am I signing up to mentor a student?

While there are a variety of ways to get involved with Colorado UpLift, it’s our full-time, salaried Teacher/Mentors who mentor and build relationships with our students. Signing up to become an UpLifter will, however, notify you of upcoming volunteer events, some of which will have opportunities to meet and engage with UpLift students on a short-term basis.

I already receive Colorado UpLift’s emails. Why should I sign up to become an UpLifter?

UpLifters receive different communications than our regular email list, including monthly updates highlighting UpLift’s character qualities and ways to get involved in community transformation throughout the Denver Metro Area.

What are UpLift’s character qualities and values?

Our In-School curriculum teaches students about thirteen valuable character qualities: positive work ethic, problem-solving, career-mindedness, caring, communication, integrity, decision-making, responsibility, respect, courage, leadership, goal-setting, and vision. As an organization, we are guided by values of relationships, integrity, stewardship, and excellence.

I want to volunteer! How do I get involved?

Great! We have 4+ engagement opportunities you can plug into each year. Learn more on our Get Involved page.