This week, Joe and Brian talk with Therese Ivancovich and Jennifer Superka from the Denver Education Attainment Network (DEAN), a collective impact initiative focused on increasing educational attainment and closing the attainment gap for students in Denver. Therese and Jennifer share about the important work they’re doing, the successes they’ve seen, and how they tap into the power of collaboration to better students, schools, and communities in Denver and throughout Colorado.


This week we talked about:

The Denver Education Attainment Network:

JP Morgan Chase Career Readiness Initiative:

The Lumina Foundation:

The DEAN Bridging the Gap implementation team:,college%20enrollment%2C%20persistence%20and%20completion.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education:


This week’s takeaway: Lean in to collaboration. Take time to listen and find common ground with others. Look for ways you can work together with others and combine your resources for greater impact.


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