This week, Joe and Brian talk with Sherry Paramore, Frank Bell, and Kevin Byerly, Elevate leaders from across the country. Elevate USA is Colorado UpLift’s sister organization that takes UpLift’s model and mission of building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth and replicates it in cities throughout the US. In this episode, Sherry, Frank, and Kevin share their incredible experiences of working with students as well as some of the leadership lessons they’ve learned along the way.


This week we talked about:

Elevate USA:

Elevate St. Louis:

Elevate Orlando:

Dan Parris & Your Two Questions:


This week’s takeaway: What breaks your heart? What makes you come alive? Spend some time reflecting on and answering these two questions to find how your passions can help you transform communities and make a difference.


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