How are you changing your community? Sean Myers joins us for episode two of Leading on Purpose to talk about change management, making systems simple and easy, and helping people take ownership to become the creators of change. We also chat about Sean’s passion for UpLift and how to help break bad mindsets. Sean challenges listeners to grow and get involved in communities beyond their comfort zones.

Sean Myers is a long-time UpLift board member and the CEO Pure Potential, a holding company for his distributorship of Juice Plus:

This week we talked about:

Disruptive Innovation by The Clayton Christensen Institute:

Jim Rohn: entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker:

Colorado UpLift’s impact statistics:

Colorado UpLift’s founder, Dr. Kent Hutcheson:

The Colorado UpLift Guild Member Luncheon and Fashion Show. View photos from this year’s event:

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, a three-part Netflix documentary

Tony Robbins: author, philanthropist, and life coach:

Principles by Ray Dalio:

Zig Ziglar: author, salesman, and motivational speaker:

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